88 Entering the Snowlands 1

Zhang Yi was well aware that these wild beasts of the sea were far more powerful than ordinary human specialists, so a beast of the spiritual realm could cause trouble for Zhang Yi now.

But he did not have any problems with it because his mental energy could warn of all the dangers that normal warriors could not so this was just a walk for Zhang Yi.

Even if one of these beasts pursued Zhang Yi could use his space technique and escape quickly, but even with all this, he could not do anything about the fact that he did not find anything interesting on the trip.

After another two months of travel, Zhang Yi finally found something, when he told Lusserina and Saphielle they were happy even to have to wear the masks again to find people.

Zhang Yi could say for sure that they had been the first people to discover this place coming from the mainland, after all even if Zhang Yi took 5 months others could take 3 years to do the same trip.

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