302 Divine Talent Revealed 6

Sacred Phoenix Sect did not want to accept this, but Feng Ran did not even want to meet Su Lian who all said they were crying a lot in sadness at this unexpected separation, so after a few weeks this subject was known throughout the divine plane.

Another thing that happened at that time was that Zhang Yi told Sword Sect not to make an alliance with Sacred Phoenix Sect, Sword Sect was really considering doing that because with Serenity Sect it had worked so well.

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But Zhang Yi said it was different because he didn't like Sacred Phoenix Sect and even his master had asked him to do so, after the news that Feng Ran had divorced everyone from Sword Sect realized that this was true.

So contrary to what the Sacred Phoenix Sect elders thought, they didn't get as many allies and Sword Sect support, yet their status among the top 10 sects has soared.

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