301 Divine Talent Revealed 5

But the truth was that Zhang Yi knew well how difficult and risky it was to cultivate this law, he wasn't sure if only he had come to the peak understanding in the laws of space, time, negative energy, light and dark that were considered the hardest laws to learn.

But he was absolutely sure that he was the only one who could reach the peak in understanding the laws of the massacre because anyone else would have already gone mad with it, and someone crazy could not continue to cultivate such difficult laws.

Zhang Yi was almost certain when he reached the peak of the Emperor Realm that even without the help of the phoenix flame essence that no longer made him a stronger realm he could face dozens of Divine Realm elders and still win.

But Zhang Yi was in no hurry and so wanted to wait until after arriving at the Divine Realm before fighting the soul-eater organization, besides, Zhang Yi had to do something important before fighting the soul-eater organization.

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