300 Divine Talent Revealed 4

After that the meeting was over and all the invited warriors returned to their sect to tell them about the news about Zhang Yi, his new master revealed and the real talent they thought Sword Sect always hid.

Zhang Yi achieved status as the greatest genius of the divine plane and had the most influence with Sword Sect and his master sects, and all spoke of Zhang Yi's friendship with the three elf sects that could be considered to be on the same level from Sword Sect in strength.

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In addition, everyone talked about how in a few thousand years Zhang Yi could surely reach the Divine Realm, after this meeting Zhang Yi was also part of the sect elders' meetings to make all the sect's important decisions.

Sword Sect was showing that it trusted Zhang Yi to make sure he continued in the sect for years to come, it was difficult for them to have one of the greatest geniuses who had no obligation to stay in the sect or had used the sect's most important resources.

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