299 Divine Talent Revealed 3

This has already surprised many sects, and even the elf sects were a little surprised by this because having a supreme understanding in two laws less than 3,000 years old was proof that someone was very talented, but when the elves remembered that Lu Bi was a wife from Zhang Yi they understood why she got it.

With Zhang Yi having a supreme understanding in 6 different laws, it was not difficult for him to teach Lu Bi just two of the laws, of course, that does not diminish Lu Bi's incredible talent for learning the laws with Zhang Yi.

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As the sects commented on this the Sword Sect made the second most important pronouncement, they said that Zhang Yi who was under 220 had arrived at Emperor Realm and also at the twelfth realm of mental energy.

Moreover, Zhang Yi was said to have supreme understanding in 6 laws which were the 5 laws of the main elements and the other was the laws of space, which caused chaos with all the major sects of the divine plane.

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