333 Divine Realm 7

"I am sure that if I offered what I offered to Iron Sect to other sects or other cultivators on that continent, these people would definitely accept."

"I know this because I know that there are many spies from other sects in this sect and one of the things that some of you would ask was because I would not save another sect as well, and the answer to that is because I don't want to.

"I'm doing this for all of you, trapping you with my skills to prove that I have enough strength to kill you all in seconds or kidnap you and send you anywhere in the universe."

"I don't need to set a trap to take weak warriors with you, I also know that if I ask the sect master he will say that after a meeting the sect has decided that it will not go elsewhere and will continue on the continent."

"I will say that Rose Sect agreed to go elsewhere without even taking too long, I will bring the master of their sect for you to believe."

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