330 Divine Realm 4

Falael was naturally suspicious of Zhang Yi, knowing that Zhang Yi was in the Divine Realm did not make him any less suspicious because that could be his plan to enslave all the elves and in fact, Lusserina had already been dominated by him.

Falael did not want to believe that something like this was true, but he had to think about everything because if he took the Dark elves into a trap he would never forgive himself for that, but if what Zhang Yi said was true he could make them Dark elves would be destroyed if they did not accept this.

"Dad, what Zhang Yi is saying is true, you have no idea what someone from Divine Realm can do, he can dominate this whole world and even dominate the divine plane, he doesn't have to lie to you about what he is saying."

"Zhang Yi likes a lot of Dark elves and so he is offering his help, but if you deny him he will just go away and if this world is destroyed I will never see you again."

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