329 Divine Realm 3

"I am happy to see that you are well, in the last few weeks I went to your store several times and you were never there, did you come to tell me that the store will open normally tomorrow?"

"No, I came to say that the store will be closed from tomorrow, I already did what I had to do here in this village and I will have to go back to my home after solving some things, so I wanted to say that the contract between us It has been completed."

Qiu Xiang was shocked to hear Zhang Yi saying it so casually, she always knew that Zhang Yi who was so strong did not belong to a village like this, but she imagined that maybe Zhang Yi wanted to get away from the place where he lived and would take care of this shop for life in this village.

If that didn't happen at least he would fulfill the 5-year contract he had offered them after giving such generous rewards and maybe just after that he would be gone, but it seems that the worst she imagined was happening.

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