328 Divine Realm 2

Zhang Yi then changed clothes and thus left his world of mental energy to tell his wives that he had survived, however, contrary to what he expected he saw that everyone in his house was sad and nervous.

When Lu Bi and Lusserina saw Zhang Yi first they ran to him and hugged him and started to cry, Zhang Yi didn't understand what was happening and started to worry that something had happened in the time he was passed out.

But soon all his wives showed up and Zhang Yi knew that nothing had happened, after they all cried some more Zhang Yi finally understood what was going on, without him knowing he was passed out for a few weeks after surviving the last lightning of the celestial tribulation.

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This had never happened after Zhang Yi went through tribulation, he usually returned after a few hours after the tribulation was over or at most a few days later, his wives knew how dangerous that tribulation was and so they started to worry that Zhang Yi had died.

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