336 Divine Realm 10

After talking to Feng Ran, Zhang Yi went to visit his other master Wu Qinxin at Serenity Sect, Zhang Yi already knew that Wu Qinxin's daughter was born and what she had done for Feng Ran, yet Zhang Yi could not escape his responsibility.

He naturally remembered that his master said he would have to marry her daughter, so Wu Qinxin's daughter was the bride of Zhang Yi, but her daughter was now not much more than 23 years old and Zhang Yi thought that maybe his master would change his mind.

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After all, Zhang Yi was almost 500 years old and had 5 wives, even though he was talented he doubted that his master would want to marry her daughter with him, even so, Zhang Yi had to go to Serenity Sect to tell him about what happened and what would happen to his master.

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