365 Divine Plane in Danger 9

Zhang Yi was in a difficult situation fighting on the side of the war and so he didn't have time to explain to the members of Sacred Phoenix Sect that he had to save what the situation was, so he decided to save everyone by kidnapping them and then he went to the main territory of Sacred Phoenix Sect to save the rest.

Even if Zhang Yi was quick, it would still take him a few hours to kidnap millions of members who were on the Feng Ran list alone, so it was important that he delay the enemies and even deceive the allies if necessary.

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"You shouldn't be here, Zhang Yi, you should be fighting on the side of your sect in the war, which happened to someone like you being here."

"You really should want to know it's not Lu Fu, I know it was you and the soul-eaters' organization that tricked the sects of the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts to invade the divine plane and make this war."

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