364 Divine Plane in Danger 8

With the situation on the divine plane as it was and having a better place to go offered by a friend, the elders didn't even have to think before accepting Zhang Yi's offer, just as they said the elven sects were already preparing to seal their territory and isolate themselves.

So the elves were already prepared to move, so the elders had to ask Zhang Yi just a few hours to explain the situation to the elf cult leaders and then they could go to Zhang Yi's mental energy world.

It was soon revealed to Zhang Yi that the elves had 10 elders in the Eternal Realm who also made an alliance with humans in the divine plane because of the fear that all living beings had of demons so they were so shocked when they saw that the beasts attacked.

Soon all the elves took a celestial oath to keep secret about Zhang Yi's mental energy world and Zhang Yi was quick to send everyone to some territories in his mental energy world that he prepared for the elves.

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