363 Divine Plane in Danger 7

On the right side 5 elders of the Eternal Realm of the divine plane's army had died, in the middle only 3 had died, of course it was because the beasts of the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts did not attack with full force and wanted to win without losing any crossbow and they did not cared about their elders fleeing to isolate themselves.

Seeing this, Zhang Yi thought it was a shame that all the elders who fought on the left side were exhausted from their battle and were almost out of qi, unless Zhang Yi got the elves to help and with the elders on the left helping and his clones they could win in the middle too.

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But on the middle side only 6 elders from the Eternal Realm fought while 4 elders retreated to take care of the isolation of their sects, even if Zhang Yi tried to help it was possible that the middle elders would take advantage of this opportunity to escape and not to try to win.

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