362 Divine Plane in Danger 6

"Zhang Yi, what do you think we can do now?"

"I think this could really be the end of the divine plane, even we who won this fight could have missed something different, so I think the other two sides cannot defend themselves either."

"Knowing the ten largest sects as we know it is very likely that they would defend themselves only until they could organize the defense of their main territory and the largest possible number of members of the sect and would retreat and isolate themselves for thousands of years."

"They still may not have been able to prepare the main territory to retreat and if the enemies they will be facing are as strong as our enemies, they may not even be able to retreat."

"So I think we should retreat too, we will leave the divine plane with our sects because soon the enemies that win will come to find out what happened here and we will have to fight again."

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