360 Divine Plane in Danger 4

After ordering all members of their sects to retreat they made one last effort not to abandon all other sects on the divine plane, other elders from the Eternal Realm who were in other groups of the allied sects returned to defend their side.

All the Eternal Realm and Divine Realm elders that the big ones were hiding in appeared, Sword Sect had 4 elders in the Eternal Realm, Serenity Sect and the other sects had 3 elders in the Eternal Realm, so in total, they had 13 elders in the Eternal Realm.

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The 4 sects also managed to gather 220 elders in the Divine Realm, seeing that Zhang Yi cannot help but be disappointed with these sects, if part of these elders had helped him to destroy the organization of the soul devourers then this situation could not be happening.

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