359 Divine Plane in Danger 3

A fight between the elders of the Eternal Realm could last for days even with the elders on the side of the divine plane with the advantage, knowing that after a while Zhang Yi warned the elders of Sword Sect and Serenity Sect of the situation they were in.

The elders of the two sects were surprised at how quickly they had managed to defeat an enemy group, knowing that they could kill an elder from the Eternal Realm they sent the other group of them that had only members of the Sword Sect and Serenity Sect to where they were.

Zhang Yi saw the location of the allies and sent a clone of him to search for the allies, they had to be quick and Zhang Yi's group was way ahead of the others in the war when the Zhang Yi clone reached the 2 elders of the Eternal Realm from the allied group joined the elders of Zhang Yi's group and so they had 4 elders from the Eternal Realm attacking an enemy.

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