275 Divine Plane Again 9

Listening to what Zhang Yi said Elder Wang did not know what to say, he could feel that Zhang Yi was hiding some things and was also telling the truth, the problem was that he did not know what was the truth and what was a lie.

It seemed that the fact that Zhang Yi was not from the divine plane and had two talented masters could be true and would make a lot of sense if it were true, so he chose Sword Sect to enter and not choose a sect where both of their masters were sense.

So it would all make sense and show that Zhang Yi had a lot of respect for Sword Sect and didn't want to hurt them, and that's what he and the other elders expected of him, while he wanted to stay at Sword Sect the elders would be happy to have a talent like him.

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"I really want to believe everything you said to me, but with nothing to prove it's hard and I don't want the cult elders to be suspicious of you, so if you can tell me anything I'd be happy."

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