271 Divine Plane Again 5

After a few days Feng Ran called Zhang Yi to talk about what they would do next, even though he was Zhang Yi's master, Feng Ran had a lot of confidence in Zhang Yi that has helped him so much since they met, just because he warned him about Su Lian already made him respect Zhang Yi more.

Moreover, in the divine plane talent was often far more respected than one's cultivation, so geniuses were sometimes treated better than cult elders, and Zhang Yi's talent was certainly much greater than his.

"After this advance in my cultivation I will have to wait several years to reach the next layer of Emperor Realm's seventh level, so I wanted to ask you what we should do now?"

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"I think in the coming years we should continue in this territory until we have enough strength to fight the organization or at least to have the influence to join forces to fight the organization."

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