270 Divine Plane Again 4

Also, after Zhang Yi healed them and the pains disappeared Zhang Feng felt as if he had become twenty years younger, he felt no discomfort anymore and felt much lighter, even some pains he had gotten used to after that.

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Mary suffered the most because she was not used to feeling such pain, but she also felt much better after she stopped feeling pain, which they didn't know was that Zhang Yi had cleared her soul and some meridians they didn't even know that existed.

After that, they could cultivate much more easily than many far more talented cultivators who were younger than them, of course not even the biggest sects had anyone like Zhang Yi to do something like that and even if they had they would never ask for one So talented elders do something like that.

Zhang Yi let his parents rest for a day and the next day prepared a high-level medicine that had no medicinal poison, it was rare, expensive and difficult to do what he created for his parents.

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