269 Divine Plane Again 3

In addition, he would have to protect Zhang Yi and allow enough time for him to regain his strength before they could do anything, the truth was that Feng Ran thought he could depend on Zhang Yi after a few thousand years to destroy the organization of the soul eaters.

From what Zhang Yi had said as a mere disciple he helped Sword Sect kill millions of infiltrators from the soul-eater organization and had already prepared a way for Sword Sect to eliminate infiltrates in the great sects as well.

This time Zhang Yi would be on the divine plane more than 400 years before the last time and much stronger, so the damage he could do to the soul-eater organization would be much more than it was before.

As soon as Zhang Yi arrived Feng Ran knew that Zhang Yi had already done what he needed to do and prepared to take them back to the divine plane, Feng Ran used a lot of qi to teleport back to the divine plane.

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