276 Divine Plane Again 10

The sect would not dare do him any harm knowing that Wu Qinxin was one of his masters because doing so could cause a war between two major sects, after all, it could be said that Zhang Yi was a bit of a Serenity Sect disciple for using one their cultivation technique.

After a few days, Zhang Yi was already Lu Bi's best friend in the sect, he knew her for many years and understood her personality well, with Lu Bi this time knowing from the outset that she had less talent than Zhang Yi she didn't have any restriction on being honest with him.

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In addition, after turning back time and living life again Zhang Yi had redone everything he regretted in life and may also have more affection living with his family than he even remembered much before returning.

So Zhang Yi was a much more sociable and kind person than he was before going back in time, it could be said that his parents were able to complete the work his wives did for many years in his past life.

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