232 Discovering the Whole Truth 6

It was good that after this time passed Zhang Yi could finally move on to the supreme understanding of the laws of time, he was shocked by how much his mastery of the laws of time had increased.

If he wanted to, he could increase a ratio of 30 to 1 in time within his distorted timeline, so 30 years in his space would be only 1 year in the divine plane, of course, he didn't think to do something like that.

But other things were much more useful to him, he could for example almost completely stop the movement of a warrior of the same realm than him, someone in the emptiness realm would move slowly and someone in the emperor's realm would also be affected.

That's because after those 6 years he had finally reached the realm of soul refinement, going through the celestial tribulation was very easy for him who had the mental energy to protect his soul and a very strong defense to protect his entire body.

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