229 Discovering the Whole Truth 3

Zhang Yi understood that too and didn't care, he knew that even with her incredible talent over the next 5 years it was impossible for her to have any further advancement of her cultivation whether in law or in cultivating herself.

So it was good that she used this time to learn as much as possible from Zhang Yi because after this tournament maybe Zhang Yi could no longer stay in the sect and with her, if he could he would give one of the pills he received as a reward for the elder Lu use, but that would not fit her.

He could only give these pills to Du Chen and Li Tang to reach the soul refinement realm because in time he would be in the sect it would be impossible for them to reach the soul refinement realm without any furious encounter.

But he wouldn't do that even if he liked them both as friends, because it was too valuable a pill to just give to someone he knew a few years ago, he would only give it to Elder Lu because she helped him so much this year.

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