227 Discovering the Whole Truth 1

It was still far from where he was, but Zhang Yi was more relieved to see the end of this underworld so quickly, it was just over a day since he was advancing fast, but Zhang Yi didn't even want to stay long in an underworld.

He had bad memories of the underworld and just wanted to finish this one to save the people of this underworld and get the reward for destroying the underworld, he didn't expect anything as amazing as the special eyes he received and saved his life, but hoped for something to be useful to him or his wives.

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But Zhang Yi knew it was dangerous to be rushed into the underworld, and even though he had confidence in protecting himself from almost anything in the underworld, he still stopped to rest after killing all the wild beasts nearby.

He wanted to fully recover and go straight into the wild beasts of the mortal tribulation realm and destroy this underworld, after resting Zhang Yi first took his spear and used the clone technique he had.

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