238 Discovering the Whole Truth 12

"What happened that you have to talk to us in secret?"

"While the tournament was taking place I have already prepared a complete list of the disciples and infiltrated elders who are in the smaller sects, but I did not risk investigating the sects that are protected by a divine realm elder."

"Do you know which sects have an elder in the divine realm?"

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"Yes, I can know about that somehow."

This made both of them very surprised, Elder Lu and he were surprised that Zhang Yi could make this list in just over a month since there were billions of warriors in every minor sect.

Elder Wang was also surprised because he is from the emperor's realm had information about which sects had an elder in the divine realm, but that was a secret only the elites knew, and Zhang Yi somehow knew about it as well.

"So you want to pass this list to both of us and then you want me to give it to our sect elders?"

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