237 Discovering the Whole Truth 11

This time he would not have the opportunity to fight them properly either because he was much stronger than them, even though those who cultivated mental energy were usually stronger than those who cultivated qi, this was not true in the case of Zhang Yi who had the essence of the phoenix flame.

Even if they were on the same level, Zhang Yi would also have the mental energy to fight toe-to-toe if that was the case, but it was interesting for him to see how people with mental energy fought since he used it the way that was simpler for him.

It was interesting to see how they used mental energy by creating shields around them to defend themselves, they tried to attack the opponent's mind, they created mental energy arrows to attack as Zhang Yi had already done.

Best of all, they had more freedom to use the laws in attacks without needing a sword or spear to make the attacks stronger or even martial techniques that were difficult to master for normal warriors.

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