236 Discovering the Whole Truth 10

When Zhang Yi left everyone was surprised that Zhang Yi had won and because it all ended so quickly, this was not the early round, but it was one of the fastest rounds, and Zhang Yi was just level 1 of the soul refinement realm which was more surprising.

So all the sects would not forget to remind their disciples to be careful with Zhang Yi, elder Wang and elder Lu had expected this, and even the Sword Sect elders were not so surprised.

After almost 3 weeks of qualifying thanks to some stronger disciples like Zhang Yi who quickly ended the fights the first round ended, the second round was again with a thousand disciples entering each island.

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But this time no one expected it to end quickly because only the winners who defeated 999 disciples considered genius was in this knockout round, yet this time there were less than 100,000 disciples in the second round and only 100 rounds would happen at most.

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