214 Discovering Shocking Secrets 8

"And it won't do you any good trying to destroy my sect and your other master's sect and the other sects that accused us, because as I said we were really guilty."

"I don't know why my wife did what she did, I'm sadder about it, but she didn't do anything wrong either, it was my fault for not keeping such an important secret."

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"So I hope that now that you know what happened and it was all my fault, that you can forget all about it and find a good sect to cultivate, with your talent you can get better masters than me and all the resources to reach the divine realm."

After saying that Zhang Yi's master disappeared and the crystal remained there, Zhang Yi was glad that at least the crystal didn't break after Zhang Yi heard the message, Zhang Yi was crying in the same place he was for several hours before going to his mental energy world.

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