212 Discovering Shocking Secrets 6

After a while Zhang Yi had not yet gotten any information he wanted, he was not used to getting information without using his mental energy, Zhang Yi first bought a simple map of the region and found out which sect was the territory.

It was the territory of the Serenity Sect, one of the 10 strongest sects of the divine plane along with Sword Sect, this was the sect known for having more masters in mental energy along with another sect of the top 10 sects.

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It was one of the strongest sects no one wanted to be an enemy of, and it was also very rich that elders were the best masters of pill refinement and weapon refinement, knowing the sect's name.

Even so, Zhang Yi just knew more about this sect and can't find out anything about his master, because even if he heard his master's name, Zhang Yi could not recognize because he had no record in the jades he received.

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