211 Discovering Shocking Secrets 5

Lusserina was less embarrassed when she realized that Saphielle thought the same as she and Saphielle were ashamed, after which they all left the hope world again.

After making this trip everyone was much better off going back to the divine plane and staying for many more years when Zhang Yi thought of using teleportation, Lusserina decided to talk about what would change their destiny forever.

"Zhang Yi, now that you are back on the blue moon continent, why not use the token one of your masters gave you? You said if you used one of the tokens you could go straight to where your master is, even if you find only one at least you won't be so sad."

This idea struck Zhang Yi like lightning, he could never think of doing something like that because his logic didn't allow him to think freely, but Lusserina and his other wives didn't know how things worked with the laws of space and just knew that Zhang Yi was always suffering.

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