210 Discovering Shocking Secrets 4

In addition, as Iron Sect and Rose Sect were the only major sects not isolated from the world, they received all the talents that emerged for more than 3 years as disciples, Iron Sect received the male disciples, and Rose Sect received the Women disciples.

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As these two sects developed rapidly, the two sects were much more resourceful now that they had control over the spiritual stone mines of the three great sects.

Iron Sect was more popular because it could use more cultivation resources on new disciples because it had fewer disciples, but in the long run, Iron Sect was a cause for concern because the disciples still did not know if the three major sects would not try to attack after leaving isolation.

Those who were braver in those early years had more rewards when they learned that the three great sects were almost destroyed, who came after that did not receive as many resources from the sect and an oath began to be made to prevent spies.

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