207 Discovering Shocking Secrets 1

This pill was used to improve the cultivation speed of soul-birth realm warriors and soul-refinement, it was a pill for soul-birth realm warriors who served even emptiness realm warriors.

This was the best pill that the special cauldron that Zhang Yi's master left could make to the perfect degree, this cauldron could not create any pills of soul refinement realm or emptiness realm.

Even so, this pill could continue to help Zhang Yi for many years, and this cauldron has been instrumental in cultivating Zhang Yi in recent years, without this special cauldron it might take Zhang Yi another 20 or 30 years to get to the divine plane, or he could have died in the underworld.

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Also, this pill had some of the effects that the pill was given as a prize for the first place of the Soul Refinement Realm disciples tournament, it showed how valuable this pill was and why Elder Lu didn't know the value of the herbs that Zhang Yi asked to get.

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