374 Dark Future 8

Zhang Yi also told how the great sects with his help exterminated the members of the organization who were infiltrating the sects and then persecuted the rest of the organization to exterminate them all.

Zhang Yi also said how they almost succeeded, but the great sects did not want to send elders from the Eternal Realm and so the enemies survived, he finally told how after many years the members of the organization who had been talking to the sects for many years Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts.

"I am also a master of mental energy and I have the thirteenth realm of mental energy, so I did a soul search on all 18 beasts of the Eternal Realm that our side of the army killed."

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"So I was able to know that the organization of soul eaters knew that these beast sects thought that beasts deserved to dominate the whole world and did not accept the rules of dragons and so they decided to show their strength and invaded the divine plane."

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