373 Dark Future 7

This was a very clever plan by Hu Jiang because the dragons would receive this information and the beast sects would want to know who was the human who had the blood of so many beasts and a complete line of dragons.

It was impossible to have a complete lineage of dragons without using all the blood of a dragon, it meant that a human killed a dragon and gave the blood to him or that he himself killed a dragon and used all the blood of dragons.

After a few weeks just as Hu Jiang intended the dragons to invite Zhang Yi to their sect, it was to question the complete lineage he had and whether he really was a friend of the beasts.

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Zhang Yi was very happy with this and accepted, Hu Jiang would pretend he was worried about Zhang Yi and would take almost all the elders of the Eternal Realm of the Storm Tigers sect to take Zhang Yi to the dragon sect.

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