371 Dark Future 5

"Don't be sad like that White Storm, you will be able to help me now more than anyone else, the beasts of Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts invaded the divine plane and won over the great sects, I need you to talk to your sect to help the divine plane."

"I'm going to meet my sect, finally, I just inherited my sect's memories and I would ask you to take me there, but it's a shame that the beasts attacked the divine plane, tell me what happened while I was sleeping."

So Zhang Yi told everything that had happened in all these years to White Storm, White Storm was surprised to learn that now Zhang Yi had a daughter and had also remarried, he was more surprised in fact it was that Zhang Yi had not been more strong in those years.

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White Storm thought that Zhang Yi was so talented that he would never be stuck on a level without being able to advance in cultivation, now White Storm felt that he could reach the Divine Realm before Zhang Yi reached the Eternal Realm.

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