9 Cultivation Again 2

Soon after Zhang Yi passed the mantra of the second level of the technique and began to cultivate again, cultivation was actually going much faster with Zhang Yi taking the support of mental energy salt.

So in just 10 days Zhang Yi had already cultivated up to the peak of the second layer, the first realm of body refinement was quite easy to understand, it was just that refining the body was difficult, so in sects that have body refiners, you often find people with a lower perception than other sects, because the talent you have to have is different.

Of course, people with very low intelligence as was Zhang Yi does not exist, if he did not have an extraordinary talent the blue specialist would not even look at him.

So for Zhang Yi, this was his cultivation with the highest speed, because his body was made for it, so he kept passing the mantra of the third layer in his mind, this would be more complicated, and it took a long time to Zhang Yi before.

More now he just used his mental energy to attract more spiritual energy from the atmosphere, the reason he had lingered more on that layer in the afterlife, because it needs more accumulation of spiritual energy and vital energy from the body, before he had just more vital energy now the spiritual energy was abundant in this world.

So after a month, Zhang Yi reached the peak of the third layer, now he stopped for a while because he was already hungry and needed a shower to wash away the impurities that were attached to his body.

So after Zhang Yi ate and decided to sleep for a while, cultivating was a tedious task, so have to have a strong martial heart to get sometimes dozens of years in cultivation, Zhang Yi was accustomed to this, while not killing in the Battlefield it was cultivation.

And after a few hundred years on the battlefield Zhang Yi only appeared when his land was about to be invaded, it was annoying for him to go to the battlefield having to hide his strength not to do extermination.

After seeing this scene Zhang Yi did not know this much taught the specialist of his sect that told him not to engage in wars of mortal or low-level cultivators, now he understood a little after seeing Zhang Yi, it was not a fight it was a massacre, because the weapons of the enemy broke upon hitting his body, so only despair was left before death for them.

And Zhang Yi only did this because he kept his father's advice in his heart at that time, to kill and leave alive, since after a while he no longer had to worry about his safety, he had only to kill.

After sleeping for a few days Zhang Yi was with his mind now refreshed, so he began to pass on his mind the mantra of the fourth layer of body refinement technique.

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So he felt his body strengthen and become more comfortable, this was the biggest difference in the cultivation of Zhang Yi and other people, he just felt comfortable as if his body was only returning to normal after cultivation, but the others felt a lot of pain in body refinement.

So after arriving another month, he reached the peak of the fourth layer of the realm of body refinement, after which Zhang Yi should be able to fight with a person in the sixth realm of cultivation and leave without being injured.

Although Zhang Yi wanted to continue in this cave and cultivate, he also had to fulfill the wishes of his masters for him to go to a sect and also Zhang Yi wanted to stay with other people and talk, so he decided that it was time for him to go up the sect.

When morning came Zhang Yi left the cave and went to the sect, two days later Zhang Yi came to the sect, had large buildings on all sides and at the entrance a gigantic gate he did not think he could open even if he used all your strength.

So Zhang Yi looked up and saw that near that huge door there were some guards who seemed to be wearing much better armor than the ones he was wearing, and also with his mental energy he could not see his cultivation levels, that is to say they were at least a whole realm stronger than Zhang Yi.

"You identify there."

As they did not feel any cultivation and saw that Zhang Yi was a child only, they were not paying attention and just asked from afar.

"My name is Zhang Yi, I met some great cultivation masters who saw that I had a great talent for the martial arts, and they recommended me to come here that was the strongest sect of that kingdom, so I came from afar to see if I could do a test to get in. "

Zhang Yi used some lies mixed with truths to fool these guards, and if they tested their talent that even the elders of the divine said it was good, they would not think Zhang Yi was lying.

"Young man dares you to appear at the doors of the greatest kingdom sect only by the words of a supposed master, and if he was a mighty master and his talent was so great because they did not take him with them?"

"The master said that he and his group would face a powerful monster and they did not know when they could come back, and I believed in this master because he gave me the money for the trip, I do not think he was so bored that he gave me money for a joke so I came. "

"If you have no cultivation and are a mortal then how did you know he was a master?"

The guards were already beginning to believe the lies of Zhang Yi, and the more questions they ask him, the more they will believe him, what he was afraid of was that they would kick him without asking.

"I knew he was a master because he was flying, and I heard only mighty masters could fly, am I not right?"

Now Zhang Yi knew they would believe him, and even if they did not believe him they would have to at least make a test whether Zhang Yi had talent or not, because if the master he said flew so at least he was a cultivator of the Xiantian realm and masters like this not only give money to any mortal.

"Okay kid, I'm going to call a deacon now, if you do not really have a talent and you're lying you'll regret it."

So after a while, the doorman appeared with a deacon who seemed to be middle age and was middle height, plus Zhang Yi could feel that this man was powerful.

"Are you the boy who wants to test your talent? How old are you?"

"Responding to you, I am 12 years old and a little over 9 months old."

When the deacon looked at Zhang Yi's body he could see nothing different from normal, another 12 years was the ideal age to cultivate, and if this master really could see his talent with a look, that may mean that this master had a cultivation larger than his, so it would cost nothing to try, at worst he would just send the boy back, and if he was good the sect would make that boy into a master and still do a favor for that master.

"Come with me then."

So the deacon took Zhang Yi to the test rooms, in this place had different types of tests, for those who wanted to enter normally after already having started to cultivate, they would have to see the level of cultivation of the candidate and also the power of struggle of people, only then would they take a potential test.

But in the case of Zhang Yi who had not yet begun to cultivate the potential was everything, then it had a matrix that if people could see the correct colors they would have much better perception than normal, and also had the sphere that shone with the level of talent.

He first passed Zhang Yi by a matrix that analyzed the age and saw that he actually was 12 years old and nodded at least he was not lying to the age, and then he put Zhang Yi in a matrix to decipher the colors.

This matrix is ​​a kind of illusion that does not endanger the cultivator, so no type of item or even the martial heart blocks this illusion, the only purpose of this illusion is for the people inside to use their perception to realize how many colors are in the matrix.

The maximum color the person could see was 22, many of which were similar, and the person inside the matrix could not lie so even if someone counted how many colors had he could not speak they saw in the matrix.

If someone saw 12 colors, if he saw 16 colors, this person would have a great future with salt perception, if he saw 18 he could be an old man, if he saw 20 he could be a sect master and if he saw the 22 he could ascend to the divine plan.

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