8 Cultivation Again 1

So after the first layer that Zhang Yi created the small house and all the way from the first step from the Initial level to the peak of the first level it took 11 days so it passed smoothly to the second layer.

In the second layer in the Initial stage, he entered a state of enlightenment which can usually only be reached near the divine realm and his speed of cultivation increased, it is as if the world had missed Zhang Yi when he was on earth now the spiritual energy was embracing his talent.

So after another month he reached the peak of the second layer and awoke again from his state of enlightenment.

He was very hungry and so he left with a force of this wonderful state if other experts knew that he came out of the state of enlightenment that many do not find all through life just by starving they would kill him.

Of course Zhang Yi did not know what this state meant, so he just ate to the contents of his heart, his mind was much clearer now, and the house in his mind was taking shape, in the third layer the house is built completely, Then he enters the middle part of the Realm and begins to improve this house by putting walls, doors and windows.

So Zhang Yi went to the third layer of technique and realm, this time he was not in a state of enlightenment so the cultivation was a bit more time consuming, he was much better now at turning the world's spiritual energy into mental energy so into true cultivation was getting faster and not slower, just that it has to absorb much more spiritual energy to be able to move to the next level, and also have to understand the fundamentals of cultivation so as not to have bottlenecks in the future.

So for someone of Zhang Yi's talent, it was just a matter of understanding and cultivating and so he naturally rose the realms.

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That was why in large sects of the divine kingdom mental energy cultivators were stronger than others on the same level because it was a process that could not be accelerated by drugs, so all cultivators of mental energy had more solid cultivation, it is clear that his spiritual energy cultivation was much weaker.

Thus it was very rare to find a person who cultivated primarily the mental energy technique, usually people use mental energy as a means to help refine drugs, matrices, and weapons, plus those cultivate mainly qi.

That's why the yellow specialist took so much importance in helping Zhang Yi even if he did not enter her sect because they were a small group that always needed a powerful expert to help.

Zhang Yi spent almost 2 months to cultivate to the peak of the third layer, he stopped to eat and also to consolidate his cultivation, after all, he had to understand the findings he had made at that level.

So, as Zhang Yi thought about how his life was, he knew that although he did not remember completely and knew that he could not tell anyone that he lived for many years beyond his 12, he remembered the struggles, remembered the deaths, remembered the sadness and also remembered the solitude.

Although he did not remember completely, this might even be a good thing, he knew there was nothing he wanted to remember anyway, so it was better to have forgotten everything, but what he knew from the notes of his masters is that the cultivation was also solitary, as was his unremembered life.

Zhang Yi knew he had no choice but to follow this path, and he also wanted to see the end of that martial path that so many of them followed, but he could not give up because he had to pay everything his masters did for him.

Zhang Yi just hoped that his life would be a little more colorful in some time and not just the black and white that he has lived so far.

This reflection on life helped Zhang Yi to harden his martial heart a little more, now that he could understand and think of everything he did and not only had his instinct to guide, but his martial heart could also develop more than in those 400 years of solitude.

So he passed the mantra of the fourth level of technique on his head and gently broke the fourth layer of mental energy that everyone found very difficult because it was the transition from the initial degree to the intermediate of the realm when one entered into the fourth energy layer mental power of attack of mental energy was much more powerful despite still having an invisible form.

Thus it is very difficult to overcome this difference of force in a fight, many in the second layer can fight head-on with a third-layer enemy, plus a third one can not fight a fourth.

More to Zhang Yi had no difference in cultivating in the two layers, so he spent the mental energy in his mind to put some walls in this house that was now formed, with these walls he would make rooms for the house and then would make windows to these rooms.

And when he finishes placing the rooms and the windows he would have reached the sixth layer of mental energy, for each sect it is different the way of cultivating mental energy, the goal is to give an ever clearer form to this mental energy, would have more consistency and strength, so much so that only the second realm would use mental energy to defend itself.

More in the sect of Zhang Yi's master they discovered that this way of imagining mental energy was much easier and also compatible with the mantra of their sect technique, and how they had many disciples who would reach a high realm of cultivation despite the difficulty, should be a good way.

Zhang Yi spent his time slowly cultivating, so after reaching the peak of the fourth stage had already passed 3 months, it was still a very fast speed of cultivation, plus the mental cultivation was very difficult to cultivate, have to put his mind totally focused on spiritual energy to accelerate cultivation, plus this mental energy causes more burden to the body that helps, so even if he was in the fourth layer of the technique he could not stay more than 3 months without eating, it was good that he did not need to sleep cultivating because he revitalized the mind.

So Zhang Yi first decided to use the force of mental energy to raise body refinement and then his cultivation of qi, so he would endure much longer without eating and sleeping.

What Zhang Yi did not know was that although his method was viable was the most ridiculous and difficult method one could use to do this, the simplest and all-around way was to use a fasting pill that every sect had, so the disciples could go on for years without eating.

Clearer than Zhang Yi did not know this and this method was not so ridiculous for him, since he had the talent to do it quickly, and he had already decided to raise all forms of cultivation to be able to protect itself before entering the sect.

Although the technique of body refinement was much harder to attain than the cultivation of qi, for Zhang Yi it was not so, and despite the cultivation of qi to help the refinement of his body, Zhang Yi thought differently.

He saw in the notes of his master that the fundamental part of the first realm of qi cultivation was the modification of the body, it was made to strengthen the body which was the basis of cultivation and all techniques before the realm is cultivated soul.

Of course this is also important, especially for growers like Zhang Yi who also seek body refinement, the fact is that it no longer becomes the focus of cultivation because a cultivator dies if the Dantian that is the source of all cultivation is destroyed, more when it is passed to the cultivation of the realm of the soul, as long as the soul is not destroyed the cultivator does not die until the end of its vital energy arrives.

So Zhang Yi who has a great facility in cultivating the body refinement has decided to strengthen his body so that the cultivation is more consolidated and fast, after all, he now has all the support of the spiritual energy in the world and his perception and also his mental energy.

Thus he passed the mantra in his mind of the method of cultivation to body refinement immortal body, it is called immortal body, because it is said that when it reaches the divine level its body becomes almost immortal, only if the person wants to die like the old man of the sect of his master who sacrificed himself otherwise is impossible.

So Zhang Yi began to refine his body and one day he entered the first layer of technique, and then only took 3 days to reach the peak of the first layer with the aid of his mental energy in the fourth layer and the spiritual energy of the world as Zhang Yi's body cells worked much faster, and he still had some feelings of already having cultivated this in his past life so his cultivation was much faster.

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