264 Correcting Past Mistakes 8

"Thank you for trusting me master, I didn't want to ask this heavenly oath because I trust you, but with the current situation of the divine plane I have no choice."

"So you were lying when you said you were born in this world, or you had another master who told you about the divine plane."

"I told the truth, I'll tell you the whole story about my life to you master, then you'll understand everything that happened."

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"I was born in this world and when I was born I had a brain deficiency, the reason was that I had a lot of cultivation talent and living in a world without mental energy my brain could not function properly."

"So after living for 16 years I was sent to the army after my father lost an arm and retired from the army, I was sent to the army even though I had a disability because my father had offended the emperor and I was sent to die."

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