258 Correcting Past Mistakes 2

Zhang Feng sent requests for help to the nearest armies and sent some soldiers on horses to make sure the messages reached the allies, then he prepared himself for what might happen in this battle and went after Zhang Yi.

"Good job, Zhang Yi, your warning allowed us to have more time to prepare for this war, maybe some Allied troop is near where we are and can come help."

"Now what you have to do is go with one of my horses to the next town away from the border, only when you get out of here will I have time to prepare for the next battle."

"I'm not leaving here dad, I came here to see what a battle is like and help you, now I'm staying here until you get out of here too, you know how well I fight and until I'm beaten the biggest part of the army will be defeated."

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Zhang Feng still tried several times to convince Zhang Yi to go to a safe place, but he failed because Zhang Yi was always very confident in his strength and was not concerned about this war.

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