257 Correcting Past Mistakes 1

"Dad, I want to go to the border with you this time."

"No, this is not possible, if it were in other times I could accept, but we are at war with neighboring countries and the border is always one of the most dangerous places in wartime."

"I know that dad, but I'll be 16 soon and get in the army too, I want to be close to you in the army, so I better get used to how things are at the border now that it's only a few months to my birthday."

"What you say makes sense, but if something happens to you, your mother will never forgive me, wait until after your birthday and then you can come with me to the border when you join the army."

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"But I want to go now to prepare for the future, you know that I can fight very well with swords and a spear and I have a lot of strength, but I've always heard from your friends that without experiencing a real battlefield I never I'll be ready."

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