345 Cleaning the Divine Plane 9

When the largest sects came to help the fight was over, as the members of the organization could not escape they fought until they died and could not kill anyone until the end of the fight

when the fight ended more than 1 million sect warriors had died.

But this was not the fault of Sword Sect and Serenity Sect who still tried to help others, even though their sects were attacked, it was the fault of the sects who came to the tournament and even though they saw the organization attacking the allies, they did not think to help.

After a few hours the war was over and everyone looked at where Zhang Yi was, he just turned off the clone technique he was using and Lu Bi came close to where he was.

Many realized that Zhang Yi had a high-level understanding of the laws of time, moreover, the ease with which he and his clones killed ninth-level Emperor Realm elders left the impression that Zhang Yi was already in the Divine Realm.

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