344 Cleaning the Divine Plane 8

Only after they made sure that the Sword Sect and the sect of the allies were sure that they would defend the sects that had no elders from the Divine Realm and ultimately defend those who most needed help.

Everyone was selfish and thought to protect themselves first, Zhang Yi and the elders of the Divine Realm were no different and would not sacrifice themselves for the sake of others who were also selfish.

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Zhang Yi would not fight if he did not need to, he would help the elders of the Divine Realm of Sword Sect and Serenity Sect and would not show his skills, but if he had to show his skills then Zhang Yi would kill all the invaders quickly.

So even though he knew an attack would come he still didn't do anything before, he pretended he was tired and quickly approached Lu Bi, she was in the seventh level of the Emperor Realm and was very strong, but Zhang Yi didn't feel she was so held like that.

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