342 Cleaning the Divine Plane 6

Just as Zhang Yi had said after a few days that all the sects had arrived he completed his list with all the infiltrators, now it was much easier to make that list because his cultivation was so much greater.

Before the tournaments started, the sects who were friends were talking quietly because they knew that after that tournament, infiltrators of the organization that was considered the greatest enemy of all divine plan sects would practically be eliminated from the sects.

The members of the Sword Sect also had many friends in other close allied sects, even Lu Bi had already gone out to meet some friends from many years ago, only Zhang Yi who did not have many friends besides the elves.

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So even though he didn't mind being alone during the tournament, Zhang Yi had to set an example for the other sects and was forced to approach the Serenity Sect which was the sect in which he had the most friends.

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