341 Cleaning the Divine Plane 5

If Sacred Phoenix Sect did something more drastic against Feng Ran, they feared what the Sword Sect could do, especially now that the 3 sects of the elves appeared as his allies in this invasion.

Of course, Zhang Yi was no longer naive and would not allow anything to happen to his master and left some security measures in case something happened, with the peak understanding of the laws of space Zhang Yi could go alongside his master in a few seconds in any situation.

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The truth was that at least it seemed that Zhang Yi was stronger than the entire Sword Sect in some situations, Zhang Yi thought he could, for example, kill with some difficulty all the elders of the Sword Sect, including the 3 elders of the Divine Realm.

The people who were below the Emperor Realm could also do nothing against Zhang Yi in a war, so depending on the situation he could be stronger than the entire Sword Sect.

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