338 Cleaning the Divine Plane 2

In those years, the sects that Zhang Yi brought were also able to adapt to Zhang Yi's mental energy world, Rose Sect had managed to accept the new reality faster and continued to work as they did when they were on the continent.

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The difference was that they could concentrate entirely on cultivation and didn't have to do missions or run the sect's business, they just had to hunt in the forests and mine some high-level spiritual stones if they needed to.

It was like paradise for them and after a few months, they could see that Zhang Yi was telling the truth that spiritual energy would only take a few years to increase, in those two years it had already reached the level of the continent and seemed to be increasing.

Zhang Yi thought of giving them a better cultivation technique, but then he gave up on the idea and decided to wait longer because in the future when they returned to the continent these cultivation techniques would no longer be useful.

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