86 A Notable Alchemist Master 7

Everyone knew how difficult it was for an ordinary warrior to increase his strength alone in the world of cultivation, so the core revolution realm warriors and spiritual sea realm warriors who belonged to no power or sect were highly respected by all and sought after by all the great powers.

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So these warriors asked for many benefits when they agreed to work for one of these powers, and everyone always received everything they asked if it was not exaggerated, because all of the continent's greatest forces were very balanced.

So if 10 spiritual sea realm warriors end up joining one of these powerful groups the balance is ruined, this is of course very good for the Golden River organization, the problem is that they had no such pill to make that promise.

But they asked these warriors to wait, everyone naturally waited because they knew the company would talk to the alchemist master, these warriors even though they could get other pills from this company if all went well.

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