84 A Notable Alchemist Master 5

So the company's master already found Zhang Yi an incredible person just for that, and he was very pleased Jin Lingxin bring that information to him, but what Jin Lingxin said afterward showed the company master how that was really important and left him shocked.

"After I heard this from him I even said that our company would even do an auction and that he would be invited to put items in the auction to thank him for trying to give that idea and also to improve our friendship with him."

"Master, what I am going to say now is the reason why I asked you to have this meeting with you, after all, I will give you information of the greatest importance and one of the conditions that the master alchemist gave was that as few people as possible know this subject."

"So I ask that the master does not tell this to anyone and do this favor for this master who can be one of the best clients and partners of our company, can you promise that?"

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