82 A Notable Alchemist Master 3

So after spending a happy night with his two wives Zhang Yi went to the Golden River company again, he had finished refining all the pills and was thinking of selling soon, so he would pick up the spirit rank armaments and continue his journey.

After all, now if he took an armor and a spirit rank sword he would be sure to win easily if he found those 11 Elders again, especially since he had the qi recovery pills.

But even if he did not want to spend much time in the city Zhang Yi was still sure he could spend a few more weeks in the city, because he thought of a way to make lots of money in a short time.

He knew that it would be very rare to get a qi recovery pill or recovery of wounds of the perfect grade on the continent, and even if it appeared they would normally be in the most famous sects and they would not sell it to outsiders.

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