81 A Notable Alchemist Master 2

"What do you think then?"

Lusserina seeing that Zhang Yi was beginning to think about it began to press more for an answer, after all if things were only good for her and for the elves, she would still have the love of Zhang Yi and would be considered a sympathetic woman besides to be confirmed by her and by Saphielle who was the second wife.

"Okay then, I agree with that, I believe I can be married to Saphielle, but do you think she's okay with that?"

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"Of course, I see how she looks at you, she's also jealous whenever she sees us two close, I talk to her correctly and tomorrow she turns to her room instead of me, so she'll be calmer and safer."

So they fell asleep, Zhang Yi thought he was lucky to have a wife who thought of his good and still thought of others.

The other day after Zhang Yi went to the place reserved by the company for him to refine, Lusserina told Saphielle that she had convinced Zhang Yi to keep her, Saphielle was so happy she even cried.

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