79 A New Adventure 8

"Since you are so sincere so I think I could accept your offer, we could talk about how I could pay for these spiritual rank armaments."

"Of course, you can come with me to that room, we can talk better there."

The representative had a feeling that Zhang Yi could do many things for them, the company Golden River always looks for talents so with the city Alchemy Country if he is able to create many armaments of rank covers that are already would greatly help the company Golden River.

Because what they feared the most was running out of products and not out of money, new products were always welcome and they had insufficient manpower to meet demand.

"So, sir, what kind of armaments are you capable of and what kind of drugs?"

"First I would like to exchange some beasts I have in my storage for spiritual stones, I have had this for many years, but now that I have the opportunity I wanted to change it."

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